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Pursuing a challenging position in media and public relations that utilizes my experience, education and rich skillset to the benefit of the organization where I can excel on the professional level and participate in the growth of the organization.
 Responsible and committed journalist with strong abilities to write balanced, informative and capturing stories that engage all parties and present the opportunity to form their own opinion and say
 Quick learner with the ability to absorb new ideas quickly and efficiently
 Excellent people skills with clean and effective communication skills and the ability to win the confidence of stakeholders and audience
 Multi-skilled with an ability to build strong working relationships with various and different potential partners
 Adaptive and flexible in responding to challenges with the ability to turn them opportunities
Reporting                              Copywriting                            Feature Writing
Freelancing                           Interviewing                           Investigative Reporting
Proof Reading                      Public Relations                     Montage Skills
2008 – 2012 Birzeit University – Ramallah, Palestine BA of Journalism and Media, minor in Political Sciences
2005 – 2008 Philadelphia University – Amman-Jordan 80 Credit Hours in Mechanical Engineering
Media Development Center, Birzeit University | Birzeit, Palestine
Radio Production Supervisor 07/2014 – Present
Established in 1996, Media Development Center is one Birzeit University’s community outreach institutes and centers which plays a leading role in creating an environment towards freedom and sustainable. The center is focused on enabling and easing the delivery of large-scale education programs and training courses, as well as the production of Al-Hal newspaper and the broadcasting of radio programs for Birzeit Radio. MDC is now a full-fledged institute with four specialized units in Radio, New Media and Press, TV, and Media Research. In the role of Radio Production Supervisor, I have been in charge of planning, coordinating and managing the production of radio programs for BZU Radio. Other responsibilities included:
 Production of radio series of investigative reporting on socio-economic issues
 Arranging and conducting awareness-raising workshops on digital media, gender and youth issues in the media
 Developing workshops on marketing and management for executives in media outlets (radio stations)
 Developing work plans and strategies for BZU Radio programming
 Producing new media literacy program to teach the youth to be critical media receivers
 Monitoring network transmissions related daily program schedules
Raya FM (Radio Station) | Ramallah, Palestine
Director of Radio Programs and Sound Engineering 11/2013 – 07/2014
As the Director of Radio Programming at Raya FM, I managed a fast-paced team in a constantly changing and demanding environment where continuous supervision, follow-up and decision-making is a must. Main responsibilities included:
 Developed work plans and strategies for radio programming and prepared needed reports for top management
 Proposed, coordinated and managed the production of new programs for the station
 Checked completed program logs for accuracy
 Directed and coordinated personnel activities engaged in broadcasting, both internally and with outside partners
 Monitored network transmissions for daily program schedules
 Coordinated activities among the different departments, including news and programming
Raya FM (Radio Station) | Ramallah, Palestine
Program Management – Preparation, Coordination and Production 07/2010 – 11/2013
Worked as a Journalist and Producer as part of a team of correspondents, news editors, writers and reporters. In the preparations, recording and production of the following programs for the station:
 A Tale of a Country (2012 – قصة بلد )
 Non-Stoppable Talk (201/2013 – بالع راديو )
 In Jerusalem (2011 – في القدس )
 The Most Beautiful Mothers (2010 – أجمل الأمهات )
 Ala Keefak (2012 – على كيفك )
 With The People (2012 – مع الناس )
Other Responsibilities included:
 Conducted phone and in-person interviews with sources and personnel directly involved in the story at hand
 Presented Raya FM in press launches, meetings and industry conferences
 Montaged programs and commercial ads for the station
 Completed outdoor recordings for radio programs such as: Tale of a Country, Taxi, Tamarind. And others
 Sourced and interviewed victims, academics and subject matter experts for various case studies
 Managed 5 radio programs broadcasted on Raya FM: My Dreams, Ramadan in the Old Days (رمضان أيام زمان ), Taxi, Tamarind (تمر هندي ) and Exposure (طابق مكشوف )
Health, Development, Information and Policy Institute (HDIP) | Ramallah, Palestine
Coordinator of Students’ and Youth Social Activities 02/2008 – 08/2010
The HDIP Institute owns the most comprehensive database of infrastructure and health services and facilities in the West Bank and the Gaza. This information has been extensively used by numerous health care providers, national and international organizations and United Nations agencies working in the area, and individual researchers and students. Worked at HDIP as a coordinator of Student and Youth Social Activities with the following main responsibilities:
 Organized and coordinated training sessions and workshops for new members
 Proposed, conducted and followed-up on projects addressing youth and student needs
 Represented HDIP in the Students general meetings
 Mentor new students providing guidance and support in addition to leading the meetings for HDIP youths
 Participate in all the meetings and activities of the students inside and outside the university
 Scriptwriter, presenter and producer of “The Most Beautiful Mothers أجمل الأمهات ” which was broadcasted during Ramadan 2010 on Palestine Television and achieved high ratings
 Knowledgeable writing on numerous topics including; politics, social, employment, education, economy and culture
 Thorough knowledge of both print and broadcast news media
 Up-to-date on current affairs, local, national and international news
 Ability to write creative and interesting articles with good command of the English language.
 Excellent research skills and abilities; knowledgeable in in social Media tools (Facebook, Twitter)
 Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office tools and the latest journalistic software; and proficient in short-hand writing
 Contributing articles, comments and opinion pieces to the newspapers website.
Date of Birth: 26/04/1987
Place of Birth: Ramallah, Palestine
Marital Status: Married – No Dependents
References: Available upon request